The Burstead Golf Club Captain Selects We R Blighty as ‘Cause of the Year’

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We at We R Blighty are honoured to share the heartening news that the Captain of The Burstead Golf Club has selected us as their ‘Cause of the Year’. This beautiful golf club, located in the quaint village setting of Billericay, Essex, is renowned for its excellent course and top-notch facilities.

The fundraising contribution from the Burstead Golf Club’s endeavours throughout the year will be channeled directly to support and strengthen We R Blighty’s initiatives for veterans. Their belief in our mission is not just uplifting but also adds significant impetus to enhance our veterans’ support programs.


We’d like to extend our warm-hearted appreciation to Terri at the Golf Club for choosing We R Blighty for this commendable initiative. Her belief in our work and commitment to the cause of supporting veterans through it is indeed noteworthy.

Terri, on behalf of the entire We R Blighty team, we express our sincere thanks for your support and dedication. As you head into a year of fundraising at The Burstead Golf Club, we wish you success in all your endeavours. We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing the positive impact these efforts will create in the lives of our veterans.


To our followers, we invite you to discover more about The Burstead Golf Club here. Their ongoing commitment to supporting good causes, coupled with their excellent golfing facilities, makes them a stand-out community ally.

Let us together strengthen the support for our heroes in uniform. Their commitment has protected us; it’s our turn now to stand by them.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.