We R Blighty Adds a New Boat to its Fleet to House Veterans

Latest news from our team at We R Blighty!

We R Blighty continues its mission to offer stable accommodation to homeless veterans, with the latest addition of another boat to our increasingly robust fleet.

Our initiative, focused on providing homeless veterans a space of their own, has taken another stride forward. This acquisition signifies our growing capacity to reach more veterans in need, offering them a comfortable, secure place to call home.


The task of refurbishing the newly acquired vessel will be taken up by ex-submariner Tony. Tony brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the specific requirements that make these boats a suitable and comfortable dwelling for our veterans.

We are also thrilled to announce that Tony will be responsible for maintaining and refurbishing all our boats. His professional expertise and distinct understanding of our mission make him the perfect candidate for this role. His attention to detail and dedication will help ensure that the boats are not just habitable but are comforting and homely for the veterans who will be occupying them.


Our fleet, serving as unique respite locations for homeless veterans, plays a vital role in our commitment to combating homelessness amongst ex-military personnel. This inventive approach, combined with the special expertise brought by Tony, is sure to enhance our overall contribution to the veteran community.

We are committed to extending our reach and resources to offer an enduring solution to veteran homelessness. Each boat added to our fleet brings us a step closer to achieving this goal. We at We R Blighty extend our gratitude to everyone involved in these efforts and remain steadfast in our mission to serve our veterans.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.