Our Founder

Introducing Ben Mills, the exceptional mind behind ‘We R Blighty’. Ben is a veteran who dedicated nearly five years of his life to serving in the British Armed Forces. His tenure commenced within the Army Air Corp. Displaying commendable dedication and prowess, Ben swiftly ascended through his initial phases, earning numerous accolades on his journey.

His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to be deployed on Operation Telic 1 in Iraq. Ben was on the front lines for six months, contributing to the pre-conflict operations, the actual conflict, and staying post-conflict as part of a task force to underpin the British Army Joint Helicopter Command (JHC).

In addition to this, his services extended to Kenya where he played a crucial role in supporting other corps of the army. His responsibilities included managing land points to ensure consistent air support.

Regrettably, his promising military career was prematurely truncated due to a debilitating injury and mental health disorders. Compounding these circumstances, Ben also suffers from hearing loss in one ear, a consequence of chronic exposure to the harsh noise of helicopter rotors in combat settings.

Despite these setbacks, Ben Mills has remained an unwavering embodiment of service and resilience. He has devoted several years to fundraising endeavours for emergency service charities and high-profile military organisations. His efforts have facilitated the collection of millions of pounds over a relatively short span of years, making tangible differences in countless lives.

He established ‘We R Blighty’ fuelled by his commitment to ensuring every veteran receives timely assistance when they need it. He envisioned ‘We R Blighty’ as a solution to the delays some organisations face in offering support. Ben’s mission with ‘We R Blighty’ is to make certain that when a veteran requires aid, they don’t have to wait another day to receive it. His ceaseless dedication continues to drive our success and inspires us every day.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.