We R Blighty Becomes Official Sponsor of CG Boxing Club in Thanet

Latest news from our team at We R Blighty!

In our continuing efforts to reach out and contribute, We R Blighty is proud to announce our official sponsorship of CG Boxing Club in Thanet. This partnership signifies the alignment of our core values to support the community and reinforce a positive impact, particularly focusing on our esteemed veterans.

Founded and run by Connor Gorham, a professional boxing trainer with a license from BBBofC, CG Boxing Club stands as a sanctuary where a passion for boxing meets fitness and well-being. This hub offers personalised one-to-one boxing fitness classes, offering therapeutic and physical benefits that align significantly with our mission at We R Blighty.

We’re elated that our collaboration now forms a crucial pillar in supporting and rehabilitating serving and ex-military veterans who are grappling with homelessness, PTSD, physical disabilities, education, employment, and mental health issues.

As excitement runs high, we are thrilled to announce that our partnership bolsters the offering of live broadcasts of the CG Boxing Club shows on Leapfrog Fight TV. This partnership savours an international platform that presents a stage for showcasing the talents and resilience of our community members.


Subscribers and viewers worldwide can now look forward to spectating the forthcoming event ‘KINGS OF THE COAST’. Scheduled for February 3rd, 2024, the show promises to be a monumental embodiment of ambition, strength, and undying grit.

Please make sure to keep up with CG Boxing Club on their official website and Instagram. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Leapfrog Fight TV to catch up with the latest events and matches.

We R Blighty is, indeed, proud to be part of such a significant initiative that champions mental and physical health and promotes the essence of community. This partnership is another milestone in our unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in our community. Let’s keep fighting the good fight, together!


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.