Armed Forces Veterans’ Hub opens in Ramsgate; Receives Support from We R Blighty

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In a significant development towards supporting the Armed Forces veteran community, a new hub has officially been inaugurated at the Royal British Legion Club in Ramsgate.

The hub, which is also open to veterans’ families and public service members, held its first gathering on Wednesday, January 11th. The hub will be active every second and fourth Wednesday each month from 9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M, providing a vital space for veterans and their families to connect, engage, and offer mutual support.

Hub manager Richard Morgan, expressing his enthusiasm, stated, “This drop-in is to offer a central hub for those that either wish just to chat, or maybe even re-engage with the veteran community, or to help those who are finding times challenging.” He further delineated plans for a distinguished creative arts program at the hub, aimed at fostering individual and community well-being.


To strengthen this significant initiative, We R Blighty extended a generous donation, firmly supporting the Thanet Armed Forces Veterans Hub’s vision. Ben Mills, representing We R Blighty, presented the donation to the secretary of the Ramsgate Royal British Legion Club and the Mayor of Thanet. This gesture reaffirms our commitment to battle veteran homelessness and support wider veteran initiatives.

The Royal British Legion Club, situated on Cliff Street, has been a notable pillar supporting servicemen, ex-serving personnel, and their families since 1921. The establishment of the Armed Forces veteran’s hub marks the latest quest in their admirable journey.


We applaud the opening of this significant hub and are proud to stand alongside them in their mission to serve our esteemed veterans. We look forward to future collaborations and the hub’s promising service to our veteran community.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.