Our Veterans

Veteran Testimonials – Stories of Impact and Gratitude

A heartening collection of gratitude and feedback from the veterans whom ‘We R Blighty’ has had the privilege of assisting.

Their inspiring stories serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of the support that our Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) provides. These testimonials also provide a reflective narrative of the tangible impact we have managed to make within the Armed Forces community.

As you read through these sincere expressions of appreciation, we hope it reaffirms your faith in our mission and encourages further involvement. Every shared story encapsulates a journey – of courage, of struggle, and ultimately, of overcoming adversity.

We are incredibly grateful to all the veterans who have shared their past experiences and their stories of transformation. Their kind words motivate us to persevere in our mission to help those who have served so bravely.

“My name is Ronnie Barker, I'm an ex-army veteran who served 11 years but unfortunately recently I've hit hard times I'm diagnosed with complex PTSD was informed by universal credit that there is an organisation called We R Blighty. I had never heard of them before, but once I contacted them omg, I've never known such a proactive company Ben Mills got straight on my case. He has bent over backwards to help me both financially to get me into decent lodgings, and willing to help any veteran. I can't say enough of how amazing he is, so any veterans out there reading this I urge you all to get in contact with Ben and the organisation.”
Ronnie Barker
Royal Engineers
“I found We R Blighty online when I was in desperate need of housing. I was completely down on my luck so was suicidal. A guy Called Ben that very night gave me money for food and paid for permanent accommodation the very next morning. I can’t thank this organisation enough.”
David Cutter
The Grenadier Guards
“We R Blighty have proved to be a breath of fresh air. I had spent the last 6 months trying to get some help for my homelessness, but all seemed unwilling or unable to help. Then Ben Mills came along and offered real help and advice. Thanks a lot Ben, greatly appreciated.”
John Munday
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
“Ben was put in touch with me through Kent County Council. I’m currently living in the Royal British Legion village. He was kind enough to fund and sort out a crisis payment on the very same day, he does not mess around if you need help, he will sort you out 10/10 what a star.”
Nathen Gadney
“I was put in touch with We R Blighty. They helped with the funds to house me and my family after being served a section 21. All I can say is outstanding service that really cares.”
The Royal Logistic Corps
“I am a veteran, and I was really struggling for food and other basic essentials, it had been a few days, so I was very worried. I called most of the big-name charities, but they couldn’t help at short notice. But when I called ‘We R Blighty’, they helped immediately. As soon as they did their relevant checks which only took a few minutes, they went above and beyond what I was expecting and helped that same day. Amazing work by a group of people who clearly care about veterans, and I cannot recommend We R Blighty enough, they really did an amazing job."
The Irish Guards
“I saw We R Blighty outside Wilkos in Ramsgate fundraising, so I approached them and asked if they could help as I had been homeless living in the park for over 2 weeks. Within 2 mins the guy who I now know as Louis called Ben and within 10 mins I was booked into a hotel. I have had a roof over my head for the last 2 weeks and been promised this will continue until I have a permanent address. I can’t thank this organisation enough. After 10 years’ service and multiple tours the big charities were not helping no matter how much I called. Thank you, Ben, and thank you We R Blighty!”
Sam Farrow
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

We also help support other likeminded organisations and charities when funding is not available. Here is what one charity had to say.

“Funding a hotel for him whilst we work with him to find a permanent solution is really useful and means that he no longer has to sleep in his car and has a bed to sleep in and a roof over his head (a brick one anyway) whilst we work towards finding a home. Thank you so much for this offer and help, it means so much to us!”
Change, Grow, Live Charity No. 1079327
"We R Blighty have recently extended their support to funding hotel accommodation for veterans who are rough sleeping in Brighton, while our charity continues supporting them to work towards their longer-term accommodation goals. Unfortunately, due to the housing situation in Brighton, it can take a long time to find suitable accommodation for our clients. One of our clients had been rough sleeping for two months, whilst waiting for a room in over 55s accommodation to become available. After providing his regiment number to We R Blighty, they agreed to pay for him to move into a hotel, so he had a roof over his head whilst waiting for somewhere longer-term to live. So far, he has been in the hotel for 8 weeks and he is incredibly grateful not to be waiting on the streets until he is offered longer-term accommodation. We R Blighty have offered this support to all veterans who are currently rough sleeping in Brighton."
Katie Gelbart
Reconnections Team Leader, Brighton Street Outreach Service