Our Projects

At ‘We R Blighty’, our initiatives are constantly driven by the desire to create a tangible difference in the lives of veterans. As a part of our ongoing projects, we have procured two residential boats. These spaces provide our veterans with permanent addresses, enveloping them in an environment of tranquillity, peace, and stability.

Tragically, many veterans without homes are disadvantaged in the private rental market due to a lack of necessary credentials. Additionally, extensive waiting lists for council houses across the United Kingdom often leave them without a safe place to rest their heads.


Our immediate focus is to continue fundraising efforts to secure additional dwellings of this nature. Therefore, your contributions hold tremendous value and are integral to the continuation and expansion of this critical work.

In conclusion, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude for being a part of this endeavour. Your generosity and support truly make a difference in the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation. With heartfelt appreciation from all of us at ‘We R Blighty’ – and from the veterans whose lives you are helping to improve – THANK YOU!