Give a Step

Embark on a Journey of Giving: 'Give a Step' for The Royal British Legion

We are delighted to share an inspiring initiative from our lead director at We R Blighty, a proud supporter of homeless veterans. Undergoing a remarkable personal journey, she has pledged to take 300,000 steps in 30 days for our fundraising initiative ‘Give a Step’ towards The Royal British Legion.

Facing this challenge just six weeks after the birth of her child, with medical complications adding to the strain, our director is showcasing the true spirit of resilience and determination. Alongside boosting her personal journey towards fitness, the challenge aims to raise critical funds ahead of Remembrance Day.

Embarking on a journey of roughly 10,000 steps each day, she will stride forward to boost support and awareness for The Royal British Legion, which continues to provide care and support to the Armed Forces community.

We invite you to show your solidarity by supporting her ambitious mission. As a community, we can amplify the impact of the ‘Give a Step’ initiative and assist the workings of The Royal British Legion.

Donating through JustGiving ensures a quick, safe, and reliable way to support this cause. The funds will be sent directly to the organisation, ensuring your contribution makes a difference in the most efficient way possible.

Together, let’s stride forward in service of our veterans. Remember, every step counts!