Up for a Challenge

Create Your Own Challenge for We R Blighty or Other Military Causes!

Are you up for a challenge? We invite you to join our fundraising efforts for We R Blighty or other notable military organisations. We believe in the power of communal effort, and hence, we are inviting you to partake and contribute to these causes by creating your own unique challenges.

Whether you wish to partake in one of our established challenges or if you’re feeling innovative and want to create a unique challenge of your own, we welcome your initiative and enthusiasm. Every bit of effort helps raise awareness and funds for these vital causes.

In showing our unwavering support and commitment, for every £1 you raise for a military cause, We R Blighty will also contribute £1. This way, we amplify the impact of your donation, allowing these projects to reach further and change more lives.

Join us in this transformative cause of assisting military organisations and contribute in a way that extends far beyond monetary value.