Important Update from We R Blighty

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A Need to Pause, Not Stop

We wish to bring to your attention that at We R Blighty, we have reached our full capacity in terms of the number of veterans we are currently assisting, the workload of our occupational therapist, and the accommodations we are providing. Although this is a challenging situation, we want to assure our community that our commitment to our mission remains unwavering. We will continue to fundraise and maintain our presence, and all funds raised, minus our operating costs, will be dedicated to supporting the veterans currently under our care and to strengthen our foundation for future growth. However, we regretfully cannot take on any new cases until further notice.

Addressing Unwanted Disruptions

We find it crucial to raise awareness about a pressing issue that is affecting both We R Blighty and the veterans we support. The Walter Mitty Hunters Club (TWMHC) on Facebook, has unfortunately continued to launch false allegations against us and sadly begun targeting our veterans directly. By reaching out to our veterans personally, TWMHC is causing undue strain and potentially jeopardising their chances of successful societal reintegration.

Despite our veterans’ own personal pleas to TWMHC to halt its unfounded hate campaign against We R Blighty, the barrage of allegations continues to persist both against us and our veterans.

Taking Action

We want to reassure our community that we are not standing idly amidst this situation. We have engaged the police today and are currently working in conjunction with Facebook to resolve this distressing issue. Also, multiple incident reports relating to this issue are ongoing. Here are the details:

  • 24th August 2023, Kent Police reference: 25-0804
  • 14th December 2023, Kent Police reference: 14-0599
  • 12th April 2024, Kent Police reference: 12-0400

The main crime number pertaining to these incidents is 46/150777/23.

If anyone has information that could aid in this investigation and contribute to holding TWMHC accountable, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Together, we will navigate through these challenges and stay true to our mission.

Legal Clarifications and Actions

To further inform our community and clarify the nature of the actions committed by The Walter Mitty Hunters Club (TWMHC), it is essential to understand their legal implications under UK law. Acts of malicious communication and threats, whether in-person or online, are considered criminal offenses. Additionally, slander and defamation of character fall under civil offense categories. We are proactively passing on the names tied to TWMHC, both current and future affiliations, to the relevant police departments for thorough investigation.

Furthermore, unauthorised photography or video recording on private land or property is equally regarded as part of criminal activities. It is crucial to note that TWMHC has faced summons to court on grounds of defamation but has failed to appear to account for their actions, persisting in their anonymity online. These are not trivial matters; they have real-life criminal and civil repercussions for all individuals involved with TWMHC.

This hearing was a significant legal milestone held before His Honour Judge Lewis on 12 May 2023 in the defamation case of Lowther v Persons Unknown, identifying as “the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ.” This case highlights the seriousness with which these actions are taken by the legal system.

Please rest assured that these offenses will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our commitment to our work for veterans remains unwavering despite these challenges. We are dedicated to navigating through these legal processes to ensure that our focus can remain on supporting our veterans, free from unwarranted disruptions.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.