We R Blighty to the Rescue: Progress and Compassion for Veteran Alan

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In an urgent response to the challenges faced by one of our own, We R Blighty has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the veteran community. Alan, an ex-member of the Royal Corps of Signals – a unit essential for providing communication on the battlefield – had been without a stable home and staying in hotels provided by We R Blighty for several weeks.

A Signal for Immediate Action

Alan’s situation was particularly pressing as he required wheelchair-accessible accommodation due to his inability to walk. Understanding the critical nature of his needs, We R Blighty facilitated his relocation from Folkstone to be closer to our central hub in Westwood, Broadstairs, Kent. This strategic move was imperative to ensure Alan could readily work with our specialist occupational therapist and speed up securing permanent housing.


Temporary Shelter, Permanent Hope

Currently, Alan is comfortably housed in a hotel adept at meeting his accessibility requirements. However, this is just a temporary measure as we work tirelessly to find a more permanent solution for him. The goal is clear: to provide Alan with a home that is not only accessible but offers him the dignity and independence deserving of a man who has served his country.


Beyond Funding: A Heartening Show of Solidarity

Our team’s compassion is not limited to fundraising efforts. In a recent episode showcasing the spirit that characterises We R Blighty, team members rushed to Alan’s aid during his move. After an intense day of promoting our cause, they learned that the lifts at Alan’s local train station were out of service. Without hesitation, they provided the physical assistance needed to help him navigate the station’s stairs, a testament to the empathy and readiness to act that underlies everything We R Blighty stands for.

As We R Blighty remains steadfast in its mission, we invite you to join us in supporting veterans like Alan. Your contributions not only aid in providing immediate assistance like accessible accommodations but also bolster the morale of those who have given so much for our country.

With each day’s end, it’s not just about what we build or fundraise – it’s about the helping hands extended in times of need.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.