Ex Royal Marine Commando Finds New Horizon with We R Blighty

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In a turn of events as uplifting as it is inspiring, an ex-Royal Marine Commando known as ‘James’ has successfully steered his life from the rough seas of homelessness to the calmer waters of a new home, thanks to We R Blighty. We take pride in announcing that James is now securely settled aboard a boat provided by our organisation, symbolising a navigational shift towards a more stable and hopeful future.


From Turbulence to Tranquillity

After facing the daunting challenge of homelessness, James’ journey resonates with resilience and determination. With the steadfast support of We R Blighty, he now embarks on a fresh chapter of life on his very own floating abode.

The Team That Made It Possible

Celebrating this momentous occasion, We R Blighty’s head of operations, Ben, and our dedicated occupational therapist, Jolene, stood beside James as tangible pillars of the support network that brought this project to fruition. Their commitment to the cause has helped transform a vision of care and assistance into life-changing reality for James.


A Future of Possibilities

The image of James alongside Ben and Jolene paints a picture far beyond a successful housing project; it encapsulates the core mission of We R Blighty to provide enduring support and practical solutions to veterans in need. James now has a secure space to create a personal sanctuary while rebuilding his life with dignity.

As we share this latest news, we invite the community to spread the word and join hands in our ongoing quest to assist more heroes like James. Through initiatives like this, We R Blighty continues to affirm its dedication to our veterans, ensuring that every service member is recognised, respected, and remembered for their sacrifices.

With the sails now set towards brighter days, James’s story is just one example of how We R Blighty remains committed to navigating the journey of support for our veterans, no matter the weather they face.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.