Diving into a New Mission: Ex-Submariner to the Rescue

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In a compelling blend of resilience and resourcefulness, Tony, a former Royal Navy Submariner who dedicated eight years to navigating the depths, has surfaced with a new purpose. Transitioning from the silent world beneath the waves, he now channels his expertise into a noble cause, joining forces with We R Blighty to address a critical issue affecting our nation’s heroes: homelessness among veterans.

From Depth to Dockside: Tony’s New Chapter

Tony’s journey from the confines of submarines to the expanse of open dockyards epitomises a mission-driven change of course. Taking the helm as a boat restorer for We R Blighty, he applies the discipline and skills gained in the Royal Navy to restore boats destined to become homes for veterans. His work is not just about refurbishment; it’s about laying the keel for a future where every veteran has a place to call home.


A Response to a Growing Crisis

The plight of homelessness among veterans is an issue that has long demanded action, exacerbated by the inability of local councils and the private sector to provide adequate support for those who’ve served. Tony’s involvement with We R Blighty is more than a career shift; it’s a direct response to this crisis, offering hands-on solutions to ensure that veterans are not left adrift.


Join the Mission

The commitment of individuals like Tony and organisations like We R Blighty shines a light on the power of collective effort in tackling significant social challenges. But the journey doesn’t end here. The community’s support is critical in ensuring that these initiatives can continue to make waves in the lives of our veterans.

For those inspired by Tony’s story and the ongoing work of We R Blighty, there’s a call to action: donations towards restoring the boats are crucial in keeping this mission afloat. Every contribution brings us one step closer to ensuring that our veterans have a safe harbour.

To support this noble cause and contribute to the restoration of more boats, please follow the link below:

Donate to We R Blighty’s Boat Restoration Project

By joining hands with We R Blighty, we can all play a part in charting a course towards hope and stability for our veterans. Let’s rally behind Tony and the team, making waves together for a future where no veteran is left without a place to call home.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.