We R Blighty Sets Sail on a New Venture: Restoring Hope and Homes on the Water

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In a heartwarming expansion of its mission to support veterans, We R Blighty has boldly embarked on an innovative project that stands as a testament to the transformative power of community and dedication. With the acquisition of a new boat, We R Blighty is charting a course of compassion, aiming to restore not just a vessel but futures, by converting it into a liveable space for veterans in need of a place to call home.

Anchoring New Beginnings

There’s something inherently hopeful about the idea of setting sail towards the horizon, and this is the promise that We R Blighty extends to those who have served. The restoration project symbolises more than just rehabilitation of a boat; it represents a safe harbour for veterans, offering them a fresh start and stability on the tranquil waves.


The Journey from Purchase to Purpose

The vessel, soon to be transformed into a floating residence, arrives with its own history, waiting to be woven into the lives of those who will call it home. We R Blighty’s commitment to this project involves not only physical restoration but also an emotional renewal, creating a peaceful retreat that acknowledges the sacrifices of servicemen and women.

Every board refurbished and every nail hammered in will be a step towards rebuilding confidence and comfort for veterans who have faced turbulent times. This initiative is not merely about providing shelter; it’s about constructing a community and fostering a sense of belonging and healing among those who have served their country.


Beyond a Place to Stay

More than just a living space, the boat will serve as a beacon of hope, offering programs and services aimed at veteran rehabilitation and reintegration into civilian life. From therapeutic activities that leverage the therapeutic aspects of water and sailing to skills workshops designed to equip veterans for new beginnings, the boat is to become a foundational pillar in We R Blighty’s mission.


Navigating Future Challenges

As with any journey, there will undoubtedly be challenges ahead, from the logistics of the restoration to ensuring the boat is equipped to be a year-round home. However, buoyed by a tide of support and the determined spirit of its team and volunteers, We R Blighty is poised to navigate these waters with resilience and determination.

The initiative is more than an investment in a piece of property; it’s a profound affirmation of faith in humanity and the healing power of care, community, and connection. The boat restoration project by We R Blighty is more than just creating a place to live; it’s about anchoring the lives of veterans in a haven of hope and stability.

As the project sails forward, We R Blighty invites the broader community to join in this noble venture, whether through donations, skills-sharing, or moral support. Together, we can help chart a course toward brighter horizons for those who have served, turning the tides in their favour, one wave at a time.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.