C Squadron Comes Home: We R Blighty Raises a Toast to the Queen’s Royal Hussars

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The Queen’s Royal Hussars (QRH), esteemed as the most senior armoured regiment within the British Army, has marked yet another milestone with members of its last battle group, ‘C Squadron’, returning home. Their return after a 6-month tenure in Estonia as part of Operation Cabrit 13 has been a momentous occasion both for the regiment and for the ongoing mission demonstrating the UK’s resilience and commitment towards the fortification of NATO and European security.

Operation Cabrit 13: A Testament to Alliance and Vigilance

The latest chapter in the historic history of QRH finds the regiment in the Baltic States, where Operation Cabrit, initiated in 2017, places around 900 British troops at the vanguard of a multinational combat-ready force. The British Army’s tenure has seen the QRH work in a concerted effort to maintain the peace and stability in Eastern Europe, a clear counter to potential adversarial intentions.

With their formidable Challenger 2 main battle tanks, the QRH has been an integral component of bolstering the front lines, demonstrating combat readiness, and fine-tuning strategic capabilities alongside Danish, French, American, and Estonian forces, ensuring the unity and interoperability of the troops in the region.

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From Estonia to Home Soil: Training, Unity, and the QRH

Throughout their deployment, the QRH has engaged in rigorous multinational exercises, refining their operational skills, and sharing invaluable insights with allied forces. These exercises underpin NATO’s collective defence clause, demonstrating the ability to stand together against threats, and fostering a shared ethos of vigilance and preparedness.


We R Blighty: Honouring Service with Comradeship

Recognising not only the valour of veterans but also the active commitment of currently serving military personnel, We R Blighty, with heartfelt gratitude, commemorates the return of C Squadron. As a token of thanks for their exemplary service and dedication, We R Blighty is proud to sponsor a well-earned social event for C Squadron — encapsulated in the spirited message “Have a beer on We R Blighty.”

This gesture extends beyond mere acknowledgment; it reflects the deep appreciation and understanding of the sacrifices made by the QRH and reaffirms a sense of camaraderie and community support that is paramount for soldiers returning from duty.

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Cheers to the Heroes!

As the brave members of C Squadron reunite with their loved ones and assimilate back into the rhythms of home, they carry with them the pride of a mission accomplished and the recognition of their countrymen. We R Blighty stands amongst those countrymen, ready with a raised glass to say, “Thanks, lads!”

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We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.