We R Blighty’s Dive into Support: Boosting Veteran PTSD Therapy Through Scuba Initiative

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We R Blighty, a pioneering charity supporting military service members transitioning back into civilian life, has made a profound impact on the mental health initiatives for veterans. In a generous act, they have donated £1000 to the Blue Van Armed Forces & Veterans Drop-In CIO, specifically dedicated to equipping veterans with the scuba diving gear necessary for therapeutic underwater programs aiding those battling PTSD.


The Blue Van Armed Forces & Veterans Drop-In CIO: A Haven for Heroes

Founded on the principle of ‘help at the point of need’, the Blue Van Armed Forces & Veterans Drop-In CIO extends its supportive hand to our nation’s heroes. Their mission resonates with the desire to heal, help, and re-integrate veterans suffering from inequalities in health and social spheres spawned by their selfless service.

Grants and donations remain the pulsating heart within the charitable body, allowing the organisation to breathe life into its numerous initiatives aimed at veterans’ betterment. Despite the financial challenges smaller charities face, the dedication to maintain outreach and support for veterans remains undiminished.

Aquatic Relief: The Therapeutic Power of Water

January 2022 saw the launch of the veterans scuba therapy program, a project that immersed ex-service personnel in the therapeutic realms beneath the waves. The effects of water-based activities on both mental and physical health are well-documented, and the implementation of this innovative therapeutic approach has already shown remarkable results within the veterans’ community.

Diving Deep into Rehabilitation

The initiative, spearheaded by a local veteran PADI scuba instructor and in collaboration with the BSAC 513 Club at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, has meticulously woven a safety net that allows struggling veterans to dive into a supportive environment. Participants have enjoyed a steady cadence of diving experiences, culminating in four individuals achieving PADI Open Water qualifications, and two advancing into accomplished, advanced divers.

With monthly pool sessions and opportunities for sea diving, the program has not only integrated qualified divers into its fabric but has also reached international waters. Last October’s partnership with a Spanish dive company witnessed four veterans exploring the Costa Del Sol’s marine beauty. The unanimous verdict from participating veterans celebrated the excursion as a monumental step in their recovery.

Overcoming the Depths of Equipment Scarcity

Nonetheless, the journey has not been without its reefs and shoals. Essential scuba gear has been a limiting factor in extending this life-changing experience universally to all veterans desiring to partake. The community has seen small grants and the altruism of local clubs and individuals providing temporary solutions to these equipment shortages.

Buoyancy Provided by We R Blighty

Enter We R Blighty’s magnanimous donation, a beacon of hope that promises to elevate the program from relying on the ephemeral generosity of equipment loans to owning dedicated gear for veteran divers. This gift will enable the veteran’s scuba group to sustain and expand its transformative work, allowing heroes to heal heroically.

It’s this vision of unburdened support and self-sufficiency that We R Blighty and Blue Van Armed Forces & Veterans Drop-In CIO share – A future where every veteran has the resources to embark on the journey to recovery as smoothly as a dive into calm, welcoming waters.

In embracing the power of community and generosity, We R Blighty and the veterans of the Blue Van’s scuba program remind us that when we come together in support of our protectors, the surface is only the beginning of the depth of our gratitude and the heights of our shared humanity.


We’re aiming to raise £20,000 to finance the refurbishment of 3 boats which will become new homes for homeless veterans.